Thursday, October 13, 2011

Biggest photography challenge yet!

Carrie and I set out to take pictures of my four kids last Friday night.  It was a typical photo shoot with my children, maybe even worse.  Bad attitudes, whining, no cooperation and no amount of bribing {or threatening} phased them.  In their defense, it was hot out, they all got eaten alive by mosquitoes, the ground was prickly and for Brady the dirt and leaves were too good to be true!  {It makes me itch now just thinking about it!}
We deleted all the pictures that told the true story, the distorted faces, the baby falling off the chair, the eyes rolling and the dirt around the babies mouth.  Seriously, we don't have this problem with anyone elses children! :)

We have to laugh about it now and maybe with time we'll come to remember these pictures as they look! 
Taken by Carrie

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Family Shoot

This was my second time taking pictures for this sweet family.  They are one of my favorite's!  Little Emma is so cute and has the happiest disposition.  The weather was amazing for our trip to Huber's Orchard in Indiana.  My sister joined me and we helped each other with our 2 photography shoots from the same day.  More pictures from the second shoot will be up soon.

Taken by Miranda

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bethany Rose turned 7

 I had the honor of taking some time to capture my beautiful daughter for her 7th birthday.  It was fun to drive along the countryside and snap some quick pictures here and there.  Her personality came out and the signs of September shine through too.  We made some memories and we captured moments that will never be here again.  That is why I love my camera, it allows me to hold pieces of yesterday forever.  Love you sweet girl!

Taken by Miranda

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Heitzmann's

Sunday I had the opportunity to meet a very sweet family and their adorable 4 month old, Emma.  I couldn't stop telling her parents how adorable she is.  I had so much fun taking her pictures and their family pictures.  I took so many pictures, I had to get Carrie to help me narrow them down to a more reasonable number!!  Here are a few of my favorites...